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amo ergo sum

DEFLORAZIONE IN 14 STAZIONI, Museo Comunale d'Arte Moderna, Bologna


I put the breast shirt on and pull the pacifiers over my fingertips, then I step behind the first station at the left end of the ribbon. From the meditative stay at the first station to the tearing apart of the ribbon at the fourteenth station, the language of the hands expresses a development of pain, joy, fear, and aggression. For this purpose I cut each station with scalpels attached to my nipples, thus enabling a permeation of my hands. Blood seeps through every cut. At each stage a specific feeling is expressed, as each depiction develops from the preceding one in terms of content and in terms of form. In the end, precisely at the moment of tearing apart the ribbon, a scream-like song sets in.
Photos: Roberto Vidali

Deflorazione in 14 Stazioni

Deflorazione in 14 Stazioni